About PrimeBed Flax Bedding

Flax is widely produced around the world for it's Healthy Seed, Seed Oil, and Linen Fabric, with considerable crop production right here in North America. Flax has been used for centuries, and is one of the worlds oldest cultivated crops dating back thousands of years. After the seed is harvested, the remaining Flax straw goes for milling to extract fiber from the stalks. The inner core fiber that's protected and encased at the center of the main stalk, is known as the Shive.

Highly Absorbent and Thermally Insulated, Flax Shives are an ideal bedding and litter material for all pets, that's perfectly natural, safe and hygienic. Upon comparison, Flax is far superior to all wood & paper bedding & litter materials in Hygienic Quality, Absorption, Pet Comfort, Odor Control, and its Organic Environmental Quality's.

Trusted throughout Europe by Equestrians, Livestock and Small Pet Owners alike, Flax has become the bedding of choice!

PrimeBed Flax Bedding is produced here in North America, and helps Support our Local Farm Communities.

  Flax Plants Displaying Their Beautiful Flowers