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Genuine Flax Bedding and Litter

The Best Natural Bedding for Your Furry, Feathered, or Exotic Friends at Home

Why Choose PrimeBed for our Beloved Pets?

Because pets are more comfortable and happier with bedding most like their natural organic world.

That's PrimeBed!

Its Something All NEW...Something Special... and Pets Love it.

But Primebed isn't just for Pets...its for Pet Owners too...
Young woman with adorable rabbit indoors

Low Dust

PrimeBed is processed to be virtually Dust Free. Be assured you or your child's pets will enjoy a minimal dust living environment 24/7.

Pet The Bunny

Highly Absorbent

PrimeBed is highly absorbent, consuming up to 4 times its own volume. Plus it stays drier on top with much of the moisture absorption below the surface. This provides your Pets a drier and more hygienic living environment, while providing maximum comfort.

the girl with the rabbit. holding cute f


PrimeBed has a Neutral pH and is non acidic to protect pets who are prone to, or at risk of developing skin allergies.

PrimeBed contains Zero Additives of any kind, and is free of Hydrocarbon Fumes better known as Phenol's. These naturally occur in most wood based materials, and can be harmful to small pets respiratory systems.


Simply Natural-pet preferred

 Plant-Organic Fiber of the annual Flax crop. All pets appreciate and enjoy this pure and simple additive free environment. Compared to processed wood & paper products, pets instinctively recognize and will choose a plant based bedding material, that provides dryness, warmth & cosy comfort.

Just Like They Would In The Wild! 


Organic Scent

PrimeBed has no added perfumes, like Citronella or Lavender, just its own mild and pleasant aroma. Simply natural and safe for all pet species, and you'll like it too.


Cleanliness & Odor Control

Keeping your Pets Fur and Coat Clean and Dry begins with switching to PrimeBed.

And with PrimeBeds combined high absorption rate and below surface style, expect odors to be reduced or eliminated in your pets living area            

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Economical to Use

Planet Approved

Like others, we Hamsters love to explore our fresh PrimeBed searching for small Flax stems to happily chew or nibble upon, or the occasional Flax seed. PrimeBed too has no added perfumes like Citronella or Lavender that irritate us, no chemical colors added that can stain our fur, or wood oils that can irritate our skin. PrimeBed also has a Neutral pH (non acidic) for even greater allergy protection. These natural safety features keep us happy, healthy, and worry free.

And...PrimeBed lays firmer and is easy to move around on...and it doesn't hurt our little feet like those hard pellets that we sometimes get. PrimeBed feels like Home.

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And...along with being soft..super dry and comfy, PrimeBed thermally insulates our bed. We love that, warm in winter and cool in summer!

We're happy year round.




Hamster funny isolated on white backgrou



Proven Value that saves on bedding use. In many cases PrimeBed is known to last and perform up to 3 Times Longer than traditional bedding and litter products.

PrimeBed is proven to absorb 4 Times More liquid than wood shavings, while staying drier on top!

One Bedding Fits All!

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Desert Reptile


Natural Comfort for Snakes, Lizards and Amphibians, with excellent bacteria and odor control.

Will absorb and hold water moisture if desired in rain-forest blend substrates, or left alone will provide a dry substrate for those species who originate from desert environments. PrimeBed provides a firm yet soft and pliable substrate, that accommodates snake burrowing activity, with natural thermal insulation.

PrimeBed Flax is an excellent Terrarium component blended with Coco Peat, Sand or Soil, for any "live Plant" or Organic Bio-Active habitat. Safe if consumed, Flax substrate is digestible and will not cause compaction.

Green  parrots

Birds & Chickens

Perfect for lining bird cages and absorption around water area.

An excellent choice for Backyard Chicken Coops and Runs that keeps coops clean & dry for months.         Cage Birds and Chickens will enjoy scratching activity in PrimeBed, seeking out residual Flax Seeds.

The cat looks to the side and sits on a


Cats will readily choose PrimeBed, its natural organic which they like. Non clumping, its lightweight and soft, dense yet airy. A litter that's easy for cats to Dig & Cover, and simple for you to maintain.

You can expect excellent odor control and lasting, low waste performance. "Quick Sifting Too"            

  Other Pet Owners Are Saying...

Excellent quality - keeps piggy’s dry.

I use this bedding for my guinea pigs. It is extremely good at absorbing urine, keeping them dry underfoot. It is dust-free, so does not cause a problem with respiratory issues that can occur with other types of bedding. It is easy to use. Highly Recommended.

The best! Excellent quality, it does not make dust, excellent to the touch, and good price. My Gerbils love it.

The Best Ever!
For me the best litter for rabbits and rodents.

I have been using this litter for my rabbit for months, and I am extremely satisfied with it. No smell in the house and no hassle for the little nose of my baby, who was always irritated with the wooden pellet litter. It does not stick to the paws and when my rabbit comes out of the litter the paws are never wet.

Wonderful litter!

The flax linen is phenomenal bedding, leaves my guinea dry, and is very fine and soft; it distributes well on the bottom of the cage and does not hurt paws like the pellets.

Great Piggy Bedding.

I've recently adopted two guinea pigs so have been trying out some different bedding to see what suits us. I found this stuff great. I put it on top of newspaper and puppy pad liners. It seems to keep the piggies dry and smell free. I'll definitely be sticking with this one.

Great Bedding.

 I use this for the Rabbit and for the Parrot. No doubt about it, it retains the smells very well, and with this litter I don't  have to worry about cleaning the cage every day. If one evening I arrive home late, I can allow myself to wait another day, which I could not do before.

I have tried many bedding types ... but this surpasses them all! My bunny loves it very much and you do not get the smells ... It has a high yield ... lasts long.

Great for Guineas.

I bought this last week and was rather skeptical. I was completely changing out my guinea pigs three times a week but this stuff has revolutionized that! I did a spot clean yesterday but the bedding is still OK, dry and clean after five days. Worth every penny in my mind. Great product!

Great product!!

Finally a really effective and comfortable litter for my guinea pig. It absorbs well with a few centimeters of depth, and above all retains the smells and guarantees a soft surface for its paws.


This litter is terrific!! It retains the smells and just a few inches of Flax creates a warm and soft environment. I am very satisfied with my purchase!!


I would not change it with another!!! Bunnies and Piggy’s are dry!!


Finally a good product for our friends.

Happy Pets and Happy Pet Owners

That's The PrimeBed Flax Advantage!

Change Your Pets World...Give Them PrimeBed and See The Difference it makes in their life
and yours!
Three-colored new-born rabbit standing a

PrimeBed's fine texture sifts efficiently when cleaning habitats, and also doesn’t over-wet unnecessarily like paper bedding material's, this assures that you utilize more of your bedding with out costly unnecessary waste. Another of the many benefits of switching to PrimeBed.

It Last's Long!

Simply Ideal for the environment... Carbon Neutral, and generated from a Renewable and Sustainable Agriculture Resource!


Disposal couldn't be safer, as PrimeBed gives back only natural organic matter into our land fill sites, the way that nature intended.

100% Biodegradable and Neutral pH, PrimeBed is a beneficial additive to your compost, and/or mulched directly into garden soils to improve soil organic structure and fertility.